SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is all about affecting the visibility of a website and gaining more viewers by increasing its frequency in search results.

As our services are customer-centric and purely ethical, we only use White Hat SEO techniques. Although it may take longer to produce effective traffic and ranking on your site, the advantage is the creation of long-lasting leads and business accreditation.

Without using this method and veering towards Black Hat SEO, campaigns would be less sustainable and companies using this technique end up charging more over longer-periods, and often gets picked up by Google algorithms, where in extreme circumstances your website can be banned from Google and its partners.

Therefore, by creating quality content using keywords and keyword analysis, the upkeep and creation of social media outlets, and also link-building, Web Brain help create a brand that people want, without having to rely upon unethical SEO.


SEO techniques

There are three types of SEO techniques:


Black Hat SEO : Based upon aggressive SEO strategies that focuses upon search engines, most frequently used by those who are looking for a quick financial return rather than a long-term investment. It can result in your website being banned from a search engine and is referred to as Unethical SEO or spamdexing, because of its use of keyword stuffing, invisible text and doorway pages.


White Hat SEO : Ethically based upon a human audience rather than search engines,it generates organic ranking built upon relevancy, and is more frequently used by those who want to make a long-term investment. It uses techniques such as keywords and keyword analysis (using keyword tool), backlinking, link building and writing quality content.


Grey Hat SEO : Grey Hat SEO uses a mixture of both White and Black SEO techniques. However, it is more risky than White Hat, but will not get your site banned from search engines like possible with Black Hat.

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