No matter how great your business product or service is, if no one knows that you exist, you’ll never get very far. A printed leaflet is an inexpensive way of advertising.

When it comes to growing your business, a leaflet campaign can get your message directly into the hands and homes of the people you want to target.

At Web Brain we define stages for promoting leaflet campaigning:

The Stages of Leaflet Advertising

Foundation and Planning

At Web Brain we first design layout of leaflets and target the niche audience. We plan your approach: Who is your target market? What areas will be most effective for your business? What dates will provide the best results? What results are you looking for? What design layout will promote your brand more?

Our designers designs have simplicity and consistency more importantly it’s a customer centric. We keep it simple to read.

Your Leaflet is a Trailer for your business. We make sure that your message gets it right. Your business has a personality – a look and feel that makes it yours. We design your leaflet which offers readers a solution.



Door drops- During the planning stage we can identify the best areas for your business and post your leaflets through letterboxes in these areas. Each business is unique and a small local business in kirkstall would not see the benefit from flyering in morley.


Hand to hand- This is getting people on the street, giving out the leaflets face to face. Again we will be identifying the best areas for this hand to hand work. Such as new clothes shop in a town centre would have people in that town centre handing out leaflets.


Shop and business drops- Identifying the appropriate shops and businesses to display your leaflets in order to maximise effectiveness.


Pre-identified targeting- This involves choosing specific industry related events and targeting these with your leaflets.

We have many options available for your leaflet size, quality, and quantity.

We also offer leaflet packs which will contain different businesses, artwork and a host of other things. These are helpful for the consumer as they can just pick up one pack with a range of products and services in.

Tracking the Results

The hardest aspect of any promotional campaign is quantifying the results and this is where we are different.

At each stage of the process we monitor certain variables and then use a algorithm to analyse the results at the end of the campaign. So we can provide you with data for your current campaign as well as making your next campaign more effective each time.

Statistics we will provide:


Total Number of leaflets distributed.


A breakdown of each area and how many leaflets were distributed in that area.


The dates the leaflets were distributed.


Possible new target areas which may increase the campaigns effectiveness.


Review sales figures.

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