What is Hosting

Hosting is when you have a computer that contains data or programs that another computer can access by means of a network or modem, and a domain is a group of networked computers that share a common communications address.

“Through my 6 years experience in the online industry one of the main things I would always hear clients saying, was how they wished website, hosting, SEO, Google AdWords and email support was all with one company, meaning that if something went wrong they only ever had one person to call.” – Managng Director, Bhavik Savjani

It is due to the experiences of our Director, that as a company we decided to purchase our own server, and construct a team dedicated to email management etc.


Services we offer


Hosting: Most companies will have accounts with domain companies like 123 Reg, and then use shared hosting for your website. WE DO NOT DO THIS, because websites can become at risk of being hacked, and more importantly on a shared server there is no dedicated space for you. This drastically effects the time taken to load, especially on mobiles and tablets, which are more important than ever.


Domain: We have registration, maintenance and renewal notices, so that no other companies can purchase your domain.


Email support: We will set up and manage your email account from whatever prefixes you want (for example info@ / sales@ etc), and to where you want the emails redirecting to, such as your personal email address.

A number of our clients have said that through Web Brain offering us these packages, it has become a perfect way to look after all our needs.

Our Clients