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Managing Director Bhavik Savjani studied a forensic science degree, where he learnt the ability to amalgamate different concepts and ideas to effectively find the solution to a problem.

Applying this philosophy to online campaign structures, he was able to gain an understanding of the online marketing models as a whole, and find solutions to search engine marketing.

With the appraisal and support of the Prince’s Trust, Bhavik Savjani was funded for the foundation of his enterprise Web Brain. His main goal is to deliver online services with ethical strongholds.

This is why Web Brain’s focal point is based upon personal relationships built with clients, carefully selected staff who are fully trained and able to advocate customer welfare and also the well being of the staff themselves. His ethical values are also the reason why White Hat SEO strategies and techniques are the only ones used when dealing with content optimization, in order to produce organic leads.

Web Brain is a one-stop shop for all online marketing. We offer a top of the range service for a small percent of the price, whilst preserving ethical business traditions so that your credibility remains intact, and your rankings do not become damaged.

With our credibility and knowledge about how Web Brain was first launched expanding, our company has been additionally unearthed through the hands of various media companies, such as the article written by the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“My vision has stayed the same since I initially founded Web Brain – to provide products and services to my clients that will most importantly put their needs first, and as a result help their company to grow. Secondly, I wanted to ensure I owned a company with a team primarily constructed of the best technically minded individuals, in order to ensure quality over quantity.”

– Bhavik Savjani


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