“When we were doing Google Adwords on our own, it took a lot of your valuable time and never worked like we wanted. We were getting bills from Google for £200-£300 every month. Bhavik and his company was recommended to us by my partners friend and it has been a blessing in disguise! Our bill is now only £189 per month and we are in the top three of Google 24/7 for Dog Kennels etc on all the areas we cover. It worked so well I have now even recommended two of my family friends and would also recommend Web Brain to everyone.”

-Rachel Beeston, www.pooch-palace.co.uk


“Since using the web for my market I can categorically say that my enquiries have increased by 30%”

-Lee Piston, www.swansealimo.co.uk


“I met Bhavik during Salsa in September 2013. His company has been running our Ad Campaign ever since. I can’t believe how he is getting us to the top three of so many searches at such a low cost – although I’m not complaining! I would not leave his services and would recommend to anyone!”

-Aysiha Tarreen, www.tareenandtareen.com


“I met Bhavik during his time at Infoserve and straight away built a relationship with him where he was not allowed to be a salesman. All the questions I had for him his answers were open and made sense, so I started with s small campaign, and unlike other sales people he delivered and I won business online. Bhavik’s company now deal with all my online projects from emails, websites and marketing. I must say that Bhavik’s USP is that he is always available for his clients and has enough authority about to never over-promise and has managed my expectations well and delivered 100% ”

- Andrew Newstead, www.newsteadscleaningservice.co.uk


“Bhavik was recommended to me by my account manager from Townpages where I was spending £500 plus for 10 key word phrases which gained me 100 clicks. My account manager gave me Bhaviks number and after talking with him I chose to give his company a go. Now, I am on the first page of Google above all the competitors in my area for only 20 phrases that cost me £169 a month! So not only am I saving money, I am also getting more exposure online. I have already recommended Web Brain to two people and will continue to do so. Great product, great service, and Bhavik will explain everything in a simplistic way so you understand all the processes.”

-Paul Nixon, www.perfectshutters.co.uk


“I had someone come in initially who charged me £1000 for my website. It was awful and with the ongoing support for nearly 2 years I achieved a £0 turnover from my online sales. Bhavik got recommended to me in November and since then has taken over all my online presence. Since he has taken over, in just 2 months we have turned over £5000 from online sales, which is something I never dreamt I could achieve. He explains everything so clearly and works out stats and maths to break everything down and improve our campaign. I would tell any business no matter how small or big to use Web Brain because ultimately Bhavik will never set unrealistic targets and sticks to his morals. More importantly he delivers and is accountable for any mistakes. ”

-Mohammed Rashid, www.mensdesignerlabels.com