Google AdWords


At Web Brain we know that Google AdWords can be extremely effective in order to reach audiences you may not have been able to reach, with organic ranking straight away. HOWEVER, there are a lot of plug holes when it comes to AdWords when it is aided by companies who run unrealistic and ineffective campaigns, which ultimately turns AdWords into a negative method of marketing.

For this reason, Web Brain take a mathematical approach towards AdWords to ensure that we obtain the maximum results for our clients desires, and also their budgets.

Creating an Ad campaign is also extremely useful before starting your SEO campaign. It gives us the flexibility to rotate a host of keyphrases, and amalgamate the results in order to contrast a set of phrases that work well for you within each category, thus allowing us to run a more focused, client-tailored SEO campaign.

Whilst running campaigns, we ensure regular reports including:

1. Number of impressions.

2. CTR’s (click through rate)

3. Cost per click for individual phrases

4. Screen shots direct from Google account ensuring no manipulation of stats

5. Main focal point being acquisition rates: i.e. how many clicks do we need before it results to one enquiry and how those clicks cost?

6. Access to all product features such as sitelinks, Call actions and location’s etc.


What are Keywords and why are they important?

Keywords are used based upon the probability of the keyword being typed into Google’s search engine. When the keyword is searched for, it triggers the ad’s exposure. When deciding upon Keywords for AdWord campaigns, there are a number of different options to choose from:


Broad Match: This reaches the most users by showing your ad when your keyword is searched for.

Negative Match: This prevents your ad from showing when a word or phrase you specify is searched for.

Phrase Match: This reaches users by showing your ad when an exact phrase you chose is searched for.

Exact Match: Your ad is shown for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively.

AdWords are the top ads that appear under the heading ”Sponsored Links”. These are found on the right-hand side of or above Google search results. If your AdWords ad is clicked on, Google search users are then directed to your website.

The Advantages of AdWords

  • They are instantaneous so you can be on the front page of Google within one working day
  • They are flexible so we can add, change, or take away keywords at your leisure
  • You have 100% control of budget
  • Extremely quantifiable and at Web Brain we ensure we use this technique to its maximum potential because we work out ROI, CTR, Bounce rates, conversion rates, cost per click and general relevancy.

The Disadvantages of AdWords

  • Can be expensive and ineffective if not managed well
  • Customer perception that less people click on ads than organics

If managed and run properly, AdWords are one of the most effective tools to use as a part of your marketing strategy, because it delivers instant results and allows us to formulate a host of phrases, that are bespoke and work well for your business. Ultimately, this allows us to provide effective SEO for your company.

Other AdWord models from other businesses:

  • £25 per key phrase, minimum 10 phrases. The disadvantage to this is that out of 10 phrases, only one may generate traffic to your site. CONTRACTS, CONTRACTS, CONTRACTS.
  • Set amount per phrase, unlimited clicks.

Businesses need to be wary of companies promoting unlimited clicks. You may only end up getting a few clicks but will still have paid a large price.